Handpicked Quality Entertainment – positive and inspiring videos I found

Handpicked Entertainment – positive and inspiring high quality content videos I found

The website lunch soon.

As you know, there is a billion of videos uploaded on a daily basis. It’s very time consuming and sometimes even frustrating to find something really good. I would like Mobilenium to become a go to site for friday night entertainment where at least you know you find only a good stuff.

It’s personal so may not be to everyone taste but if you like quality and have  similar taste to mine, you may find my website very useful. I am happy if as editor in chief of Mobilenium.com I save you time and provide quality entertainment.

This website is not a replacement for Youtube or Vimeo. It’s just boutique style blog-magazine, edited & moderated for you and future generations to find and enjoy.

Feel free to suggest videos for review. We may not add it to main website but if it be close to my taste it will be featured in users submitted videos.