How to edit video in Ableton Live music software?


Do you know it’s possible to edit video in Ableton Live?

Short, funny and to the point Video tutorial below:

Editing video in Ableton tutorial

Ableton may be good for video projects when you want to have a lot of control over the audio, i.e:

  • Use to score films,
  • create vlogs,
  • and design visuals for your set.

In the Video you will learn the following:

  1. 01:28 Editing Video
  2. 03:14 Video Commands
  3. 04:08 Warping Video
  4. 05:16 Audio Plugins
  5. 06:30 Syncing up a Soundtrack
  6. 08:15 Sidechain Compression
  7. 10:45 Take Lanes
  8. 13:28 Exporting

Another interesting video showing more detailed usage of takes lanes in Ableton Live:

Ableton is a software primarily for music production rather than video editing. However, it is possible to synchronise sound with video in Ableton, which can be useful when creating soundtracks for films or video clips.

To synchronise sound with video in Ableton, you can use the ‘Video’ function. To do this, select ‘New Live Set with Video’ from the ‘File’ menu and import the video file into the project. Then add an audio track and synchronise it with the video. You can do this manually by setting points at key moments in the video and audio, or use the automatic sync function.

In Ableton, you can also add sound effects and mix tracks for better audio quality in your video. However, if you need more advanced video editing, it is worth using dedicated video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve.