How to chop video samples using FL Image Visualizer?


Learn how easy is to chop video samples and using it in the music video in FL Image Visualizer to create interesting effects for music videos straight from FL Studio music software.

FL Studio – Chopping with Video ZGE Visualizer – Trigger cue points – Notes played on the MIDI Out Channel will trigger playback from the set cue points. 

About FL Studio Image Visualizer

FL Studio Image Visualizer is a plugin in FL Studio (formerly ZgameEditor) allows you to synchronise visuals with sound. It allows you to create interesting and dynamic visual effects that are synchronised with the music. This plugin is free in every paid version of FL Studio.

To use the Image Visualizer in FL Studio, first select an image or video to use as a visualisation. Then add sound to the FL Studio project. Image Visualizer can work with a variety of sound sources, including WAV or MP3 audio files, or virtual instruments in FL Studio.

When the image and sound are ready, you can use Image Visualizer to synchronise the visualisation with the sound. To do this, select Image Visualizer from the ‘Visualisation’ menu in FL Studio and drag the image onto the visualisation field. You can then set various visualisation parameters, such as colours, visual effects, size and orientation.

When everything is ready, you can start audio playback and Image Visualizer will automatically synchronise the visualisation with the music. You can experiment with different settings and effects to achieve interesting and dynamic visualisations that are perfectly synchronised with the sound.